Timothy Michael Law, When God Spoke Greek : The Septuagint and the Making of the Christian Bible

Oxford University Press, 2013, 240 p.

Ce live raconte l’histoire de la Septante, les Ecritures grecques de l’ancienne  diaspora juive, qui devint le premier Ancien Testament des chrétiens.


  • Today’s English versions of the Old Testament are based on the Hebrew, not on the Greek Septuagint that was used by the New Testament and early Church. Thus, today readers of the Bible are reading a version of the Old Testament different from that of the apostles and early Church Fathers.

Most readers do not know about the Bible used almost universally by early Christians, or about how that Bible was birthed, how it grew to prominence, and how it differs from the one used as the basis for most modern translations. Although it was one of the most important events in the history of our civilization, the translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek in the third century BCE is an event almost unknown outside of academia. Timothy Michael Law offers the first book to make this topic accessible to a wider audience.

Retrospectively, we can hardly imagine the history of Christian thought, and the history of Christianity itself, without the Old Testament. When the Emperor Constantine adopted the Christian faith, his fusion of the Church and the State ensured that the Christian worldview (which by this time had absorbed Jewish ideals that had come to them through the Greek translation) would leave an imprint on subsequent history. This book narrates in a fresh and exciting way the story of the Septuagint, the Greek Scriptures of the ancient Jewish Diaspora that became the first Christian Old Testament.

Readership: General readers who have an interest in the Bible’s history, in the formation of the Scriptures, in the Bible today. Students in religious studies, particularly those in biblical and/or Christian studies. Academics in religious studies, particularly those in biblical and/or Christian studies



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