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T&T Clark Companion to the Septuagint, édité par J. Aitken.septuagint



The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible and the scriptures read by early Christians. Septuagint studies have been a growth field in the past twenty years. It has become an area of interest not only for textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible but as a product of Judaism in the Graeco-Roman world. It is even being utilized occasionally by scholars of Greek religion. At the same time renewed interest in the daughter versions (Syriac, Vulgate, Ethiopic, Coptic etc.) has thrown new attention onto the Septuagint.
This Companion provides a cutting-edge survey of scholarly opinion on the Septuagint text of each biblical book. It covers the characteristics of each Septuagint book, its translation features, origins, text-critical problems and history. As such it provides a comprehensive companion to the Septuagint, featuring contributions from experts in the field.

Table des matières

Preface\Introduction – J.K. Aitken\Genesis – M. Scarlata\ Exodus – A. Salvesen\Leviticus – A. Voitila\Numbers – T.V. Evans\Deuteronomy – L. Perkins\Joshua – M.N. van der Meer\Judges – P. Satterthwaite\ Ruth – E. Bons\1-2 Kingdoms – P. Hugo\3-4 Kingdoms – T.M. Law\Paralipomena 1 and 2 – R. Good\ 1 Esdras – H. Patmore\2 Esdras – G. Wooden\Psalms – J.K. Aitken\Prayer of Manasseh – J.K. Aitken\Proverbs – L. Cuppi & J.K. Aitken\Ecclesiastes – J.K. Aitken\Song of Songs – J.M. Auwers\Job – C. Cox\Wisdom of Solomon – J.K. Aitken\Sirach – B.G. Wright\Psalms of Solomon – D. Pevarello\Esther and Additions – C. Boyd-Taylor\Judith – J. Corley\Tobit – S. Weeks, & L. Stuckenbruck\Minor Prophets – J. Dines\Isaiah – Abi T. Ngunga & J. Schaper\Jeremiah – A. Shead\ Baruch – D. Ryan\Lamentations – K. Youngblood\Epistle of Jeremiah – B.G. Wright\ Ezekiel – K. Hauspie\Daniel – T. McLay\Additions to Daniel – L. Lahey\ 1 Maccabees – D.S. Williams\ 2 Maccabees – Frank Shaw\3 Maccabees – S.R. Johnson\4 Maccabees – R. Hiebert\Glossary –


“This is just about everything one could wish for in a handbook. From beginning to end it is clear, up-to-date, wide-ranging, and authoritative. The format-detailed book-by-book introductions-is a much-needed convenience.” –  Dale Allison, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA

“This volume fills a real gap in biblical scholarship, by characterizing the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, book by book. Nothing like this has hitherto existed. This is a most useful book.” –  John J. Collins, Yale Divinity School, USA

“This book will immediately establish itself as the first port of call for any serious Bible student and scholar wanting to have an informed introduction to each book in the Septuagint. Unlike with previous handbooks, each chapter is written by an expert on the subject, and the well-designed format ensures that all the main questions are described and addressed, with full bibliography as well. Careful editorial planning has resulted in a work which has no parallel in this field.” –  H. G. M. Williamson, University of Oxford, UK

“This very useful companion to each of the Septuagint books, written by young and enthusiastic experts, provides up-to-date and thorough analyses. This handbook will enrich the future study of the Greek versions of the Hebrew Bible.” –  Emanuel Tov, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

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